Surviving the East as a Corps Member

Have you seen REDTV’S latest feature film, UNINTENTIONAL? If you have not, please exit this story box, click on this link, then come back for more clarity.


If like me, you already know the tea on Unintentional, welcome!


So, while watching the movie, I realized this Eastern adventure started out as a posting for the National Youth Service Corps. There are a million reasons why people go for service, but I doubt very few people, list ‘enjoyment’ as one.


I have a few pointers to why you should be excited if you get posted to the east, and enjoyment is somewhere on the list.

1. The bus ride is a party on its own. With varying routes, and link roads. You will never lack in-bus entertainment, snacks, and scenery. Fun fact, the Onitsha bridge you see in the film, has 7 piers in the water, over 3,000 feet long, and played a significant position in the Nigeria/Biafra war.


2. Okpa is a popular fave in the East especially in Enugu, alongside Abacha, Ofe Onughbu, and Achia. Food is a big part of the Eastern culture, and they have a knack for ensuring you enjoy it. Ofe Ake or curry curry, as Uzor so popularly called it, is also a sworn sauce made for elites. A creamy rich palm nut extract cooked as a soup or stew often paired with rice or swallow of your choice, ofe aku will have your belly singing for joy


3. Igbo men and babes are romantic! Forget the Nollywood stereotypes, and the ones we often encounter in the market screaming ‘My type’, they are knights in shining armor. Did you see how Uzor swooped in and saved the day, even added lines ontop sef! Ewwwey eh!


4. The East is traffic-free Relax! There was traffic entering the east but when you land any of the big towns like Owerri, Onitsha, Enugu, even Abakiliki, it’s smooth sailing all through.


5. Music exports! Don’t lie you have been dancing to levels all through the end of last year, or perhaps Phyno like me, is on your top list of favorite rappers? I assure you that Igbo or Eastern artists are the gifts that keep giving


There are a million reasons why serving in the East is an actual adventure, but I would pre-empt that you savour the scenic views in Unintentional, pick a few slangs from Uzor, his mum and the casts, and remember that outside of Lagos, Abuja, and Portharcourt in Nigeria- There’s an actual life.