DavidO broke the internet yesterday, November 17th 2021when he called out his celebrity friends to send him N1million naira each. The day prior, DavidO had reminded people that his line in the Martell campaign ad, ‘we rise by lifting others’ would have to come to play soon.

Stating that he had often been there for other people, and now he expected that same energy. Celebrity artistes sent in their donations and well wishes ahead of the Afro beat crooner’s 29th birthday slated for November 21st, 2021

In many separate observations, and social commentary, fans stressed how DavidO was often always there for everyone. Jumping on collaborations no matter how big or small. ‘DavidO has shown us a perfect business and life model, ‘Empower those around you, and watch what happens’.

DavidO raised over 120million naira in the 12 hours and trended at #1.