Home Drama Series Comedy Lifestyle Shows About us Blog UBA Africa Day MIGHTY GENRE: COMEDY, DRAMA Mighty follows the tale of Angel, Madam B, Patience, and the leader of the clan Baddie as they navigate a night out in the bustling city of Lagos.Looking at Nigeria’s pressing topic of kidnap, deceit, and quick money fixes,… Continue reading Mighty


Home Drama Series Comedy Lifestyle Shows Blog UNINTENTIONAL GENRE: ROMANCE, DRAMA They say love hits when you least expect it. What if you unexpectedly create it, then you blow it and now you have to figure out how you lost it!  CAST: Omowunmi Dada as ‘Sefi Madaki’Efa Iwara as ‘Uzor’Beverly Osu as ‘Rosie’Kate Henshaw as… Continue reading Unintentional

Our Best Friend’s Wedding

Home Drama Series Comedy Lifestyle Shows OUR BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING GENRE: DRAMA SERIES Our Best Friend’s Wedding is a romantic dramedy about a young man who panics and buys an engagement ring on a whim. He recruits his two female best friends to help go through a list of potential candidates and sets off a… Continue reading Our Best Friend’s Wedding

Boutique Hotel

Home Drama Series Comedy Lifestyle Shows BOUTIQUE HOTEL GENRE: DRAMA SERIESLANGUAGE: FRENCH Boutique Hotel is an exciting French Drama series that tells the story of an interesting hotel like no other. Experience the people. Share the laughter. Live the moments. The series will be subtitled in English. CAST: Cast Name Aminu Gabar Cast Name Cast… Continue reading Boutique Hotel

The Men’s Club

Home Drama Series Comedy Lifestyle Shows THE MEN’S CLUB GENRE: DRAMA Surrounded by women, business, and the hassles of their city, these young men share their highs, lows, ups, and downs. Shot across prime locations in Nigeria and written by Dami Elebe, the show sets out to redefine the opinions we have of young men… Continue reading The Men’s Club

Public Figure

Home Drama Series Comedy Lifestyle Shows PUBLIC FIGURE GENRE: DRAMA We present to you PUBLIC FIGURE – A tale of Power & Fame and all the lust in-between. Prepare to be entertained like never before. Introducing:Aaron Adatsi as “Yaw Dordor”Dela Seade as “Wonder”Kingsley Yamoah as “Danny de Souza”Daisy Little as “Frances” & Van Vicker as… Continue reading Public Figure

Assistant Madams

Home Drama Series Comedy Lifestyle Shows ASSISTANT MADAMS GENRE: DRAMA We bring you something new, fresh hot and sizzling!Assistant Madams follows the life of 3 hustling ladies who are hell bent on living their best lives at any costs, one man at a time.This is one is going to be loud! CAST: Cast Name Aminu… Continue reading Assistant Madams

Inspector K

Home Drama Series Comedy Lifestyle Shows INSPECTOR K GENRE: ACTION COMEDY “Inspector K” is a Crime Comedy about a wacky inspector who through unconventional ways solves crimes in the city of Lagos. He is supported by two clueless but surprisingly intelligent (Sometimes) Police officers. He has put his division on the map through the immense… Continue reading Inspector K