Femi Bamigbetan

November 19, 2018


I know some of us are doing Christmas on a budget, but between party-hopping and family gatherings, there is always a need to buy someone special a Christmas present.

While playing Santa Clause we advise that you ditch the regular hampers and invest in something really special for your Uber rich friends.

They want to lose weight after the trimmings of the holiday, some want a post-holiday getaway and others just need the ideal speakers for that Boxing day ‘unboxing party (Any reason to play loud music and binge on small chops and finger foods, is a great idea).

Find attached the ideal bank-breaking Christmas gifts for the super generous friend:

  1.  Aero Bulldog HD Bluetooth Speaker

    aero bull dog christmas present

    Image courtesy : Mashable


    The bulldog speaker, the life-like size of a Frenchie, in neon pink. He’s also more than just a pretty face. The little sir is an AeroSystems speaker. So you’ll be able to blast “Who let the dogs out” in Great Hall to great effect! Perhaps he is not as refined as some might like. But I tend to think it is always nice to show a different side of oneself. Think of him as the bonbon on top of your many other holiday treats.

  2. Serenity Solar Yacht

    It is so, so important to give back, especially around the holidays. Which is why, for the sake of the planet, I recommend that you purchase the Serenity Solar Yacht fitted with solar panels. As you take a much-needed break after the travails of the holiday season, you could sail down the coast or even just take a quick trip to Barbados — all while helping the environment!

    aero bull dog christmas present

    Image courtesy: Serenity

    And, I know you’ll have your people handle payment. But I would be remiss not to mention that the Serenity is made possible by my colleagues at Neiman Marcus, who have so generously chosen to donate $50,000 out of the $7.1 million cost of the vessel to charity. Bravo! Consider this yacht one of your many good deeds for the year.

  3. Mirror

    aero bull dog christmas present

    Image Courtesy : Mashable

    What is pleasure without pain? What is beauty without sweat? This mirror, called ‘Mirror,‘ allows you to stream an exercise course from your home gym, while never taking your eyes off of yourself. Yes, the mirror itself is the teacher, and you are her only pupil. She’ll give you feedback based on your performance to sculpt a body deserving of your worthy soul within.

  4.  The Brikk Lux iPhone XS and XS Max Collections


    Image courtesy : Brikk

    Quite right, our mobiles are extensions of ourselves. And for your loved ones, I think this item may be just the thing. Never mind that it’s made from 24k gold or platinum and covered in diamonds.

  5. The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 P2P
hublot-big-bang-meca- Christmas

Image courtsey: Digi Trends

This watch may have something others do not: it is elusive. See, the Big Bang celebrates the 10-year anniversary of something the people call “Bitcoin.” Now, it is an automatic watch case made out of micro-blasted and polished black ceramic with a skeleton dial. But inside you’ll see a homage to this new form of “money,” they say. And, the best part? You can only buy it with Bitcoin. That’s right, you get it!


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