5 TV series you need to watch right now

Femi Bamigbetan

April 9, 2018


Over 500 scripted shows aired last year, how can anyone possibly have enough time to watch all of them!! There are so many great shows out there and we’ve done the dirty work of sifting through the clutter to pick out the 5 TV series you should be watching right now.


  1. Atlanta – The only way to describe this show is that it is random and it is awesome. Part comedy, drama, thriller, romance, this show is a social commentary of life. The stories pick no sides, yet capture all sides. The barbershop episode is an instant classic and is such a breath of fresh air. The most fulfilling T.V you’ll experience this year!
Image credit genius.com

Image credit genius.com


  1. Black Mirror – Probably the most relevant show of our generation. The anthology series is basically the Twilight Zone for the 21st century revealing how technology brings out the best and the worst in human beings. Subjects like social media, politics, the military, human relationships are touched on with often devastating consequences. This is must-see-T. V

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  1. The end of the f**king world – His name is James, he’s 17 and he’s a psychopath that wants to kill his girlfriend. This is a very different sort of coming of age story but it’s also weirdly romantic. This is definitely for those that like shows that are out-of-the-box. I like this one because blurring the lines between good and evil is always fascinating and this show is just quirky enough to keep you tuned in.

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  1. Jessica Jones –  Based on the Marvel Comic books, Jessica Jones is a strong, sexy, hard-headed female hero with serious alcohol issues. She’s not really thrilled about the whole having super powers and being a super hero thing but she puts her crime solving skills to good use when she opens a detective agency called Alias. I mean a girl has to survive in this world somehow right? The first season was awesome because she’s not your typical hero and the villain; Kilgrave, is a super deranged guy who has the power to control people’s minds. After seeing her link up with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in The Defenders, how could we possibly say no to this!?
jessica jones

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  1. Legion – Another show based on the Marvel Comics but honestly I wasn’t sure if I should add Legion to this list. Not because it isn’t awesome, because it definitely is, but because it is so mind bending and surreal, most people might not have the patience to see it through. It’s based on the Marvel character David Haller, a powerful mutant psychic who struggles to distinguish his mutant powers from insanity because of a powerful villain called the Shadow King. This show is ground breaking and always a trip!

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By Ola-oluwa Osidele (@olazenmaster)

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